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The Van, Mallorca
is an event and private chef company focused around international street foods and customs

Creating individual and unique private chef experiences and events for guests who would like to celebrate their special day a little different to a traditional ceremony.

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Working with leading talent in design, music and also venues in addition to bringing delicious food and drink to your party we are sure to make you and your' friends and family have a memorable and great time, whatever style of service you require!

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Birthday parties, Weddings, Special celebrations and help with organising events whilst here in Mallorca

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The Van, Mallorca
specialises in international foods and customs, creating for guests - unique experiences by bringing together the very best creative talent of Mallorca. Interior design, fashion, venue hire and decorations and entertainment as well as delicious food served in a more intimate and informal style to a traditional wedding celebration

Starting out originally as a supplier of food and drinks for weddings and special events, we have grown into an event organiser capable of sourcing all aspects of your special day from far away. Providing step by step feedback and updates for clients who are looking to organise their wedding from a distance and need help in sourcing the finer details

Working with location managers, who work with the many film production companies who come to the island we can find the perfect location for your wedding! The Van, Mallorca can also offer different locations to a traditional venue whilst also working with some of the leading fincas and venue hires on the island

Private Chef...

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We also offer, for smaller events or groups - who look to celebrate a special occasion whilst on holiday with a private chef service, bringing the styles of our larger events to your private villa, finca or terrace. Or, alternatively looking after your group for the duration of your' stay.

Private Chef

Special Occasion

The Van, Mallorca
is brought to your venue for the day or the evening along with our team. Perfect for groups from twenty to forty persons!


We can provide a personal private chef for the duration of your stay at your villa or alternatively arrange a more initimate special occasion dinner! Great for numbers between eight and twenty persons!

Provisioning Service

Using our many contacts from around the island we can create bespoke meal plans from the many wonderful suppliers and farms from around the island with menus and recipe instructions for you to follow whilst staying in Mallorca so you don't need to worry about shopping and can spend more time relaxing.

Contact us to see how what services we can provide for you and your' guests whilst here in Mallorca.

Event Organising

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With years of experience of working music events and markets here on the island and with contacts to the best professionals and also other fantastic food trucks, we now offer those who are looking to start their own event or market here in Mallorca with guidance on how best prepare.


We look forward to hearing from you and can be reached by either filling out the form below, emailing us directly or calling us at the number provided at the end of this footer.

The Van, Mallorca