Private Chef

Mallorca is full of wonderful restaurants which we also love! Sometimes however, it would be great if the restaurant could come to our house or villa and re-create the similar atmosphere but with no driving home or closing time.

The Van, Mallorca
offers the residents of Mallorca and also those who are on holiday the opportunity to enjoy their favourite foods in the comfort of their own home with different themed services depending on the occasion.

Simply send us an email or contact us by telephone to see how we can cater for your great excuse for a party!

Extra Services - Private Chef


Picture of a food crate

Coming on holiday should mean that as much time as possible is spent with your friends and family and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the island, we therefore offer a new service for those who are visiting Mallorca with a provisioning service whereby we bring seasonal and local produce to your villa with step by step instructions and recipes to guide you should you be looking for good food but without the need for someone to physically cook for you.

In-House Chef

In addition from 2021 we offer our services as in-house chefs for the duration of your' stay. Taking care of you and your' friends and families needs whilst at your villa

Secret Locations

We can also organise special dinners in different locations around Mallorca. A wine yard lunch amongst the fields on February or a yoga studio converted into a japanese tavern or a garage into a morrocan street stall. We always like to create new and interesting locations for memorable meals!

TVM at Volta Dos-Garage


Picture of Mallorca Mountains

In addition, we can also find the perfect place for you to visit using one of our known connections such as scuba diving, horse riding or trekking through the mountains of Mallorca.

Scuba diving
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