Our wedding's service is focused on a laid back family style atmosphere with great quality local produce and entertainment in addition to working with the best creative talents that the island has to offer

From our experience; a wedding is always best when enough time is allowed to be spent with all those who have made the journey to join the celebrations and we therefore offer service styles for you to choose from that reflect this belief

We also specialise in pre and after day wedding ceremonies for those relaxing days by the pool enjoying good food, music and plenty of drinks and refreshing cocktails.

Also, working with location scouts to offer unique and not often thought off locations for these moments such as boat houses or beaches

Styles of Service

Family Style

Family Style is exactly as it sounds, large sharing tables with nutritious salads and lots of wine together with a relaxed and discreet service style to help passing bread and pouring wine

Market Style

Often used as a combination with our family style service, our market style brings The Van to life with interactive food stations around your venue for people to help themselves to food from and ensure they are fully immersed in the party


Formal but still relaxed, we offer a traditional service of international foods for those who would prefer this for their dinner, sometimes working with other leading chefs from Mallorca to showcase their talents

extra services

In addition to providing beautiful food and drink in beautiful locations around Mallorca,
The Van, Mallorca
can also assist in organising all the other small details of your event. From Photographers to DJ's, florists and decorations, accomodation and transport!


We work with established designers and look to promote the work of up and coming talent to insure that those who choose Mallorca as a destination for their wedding know thay they are also assisting those who live here in reaching a larger audience

Check out our Pinterest mood boards for some inspiration and ideas


What is a celebration without entertainment? Also, entertainment that is specifically catered towards your' likes and tastes? Mallorca and the balearic islands is full of musicians, street performers and artists who have called this place their home after many years touring some of the most well known venues across the world! What better place for them to play next than at your wedding or other special celebration!

Howard Hill-DJ


Coming to Mallorca for your wedding, in addition to a perfect setting for your day is also a fantastic place to spend some time and enjoy a relaxing holiday after!

We therefore can assist in reccomending some places to stay for your guests and also find some different locations to stay in whilst here.

As Mallorca looks to become a leader in sustainable energy, we look to incorporate this vision and practice as much as possible whilst preparing your event, working with local suppliers and produce and venues that share this vision

All actions however small can help in making sure that we reach our environmental goals over the next decade and sustainable tourism has become a focus of the island recently to help preserve it's natural beauty whilst creating the employment opportunities needed for those who live here.

model in wedding dress


We have had the pleasure of working with one of Spain's best photographers who are available to capture special moments of your day for you to look back on for many years to come

Photography credit of Inma De Valle, 2020, Love Trends @ Osa Major Organised by Juilets' Weddings

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